Insurance and Mask Requirements Explained

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Insurance and Mask Requirements Explained

There are varying opinions on the pros and cons of mask usage, especially for children, but when it comes to insurance there is no requirement for masking.

“Employers, including schools and nonprofits, have immunity to liability when it comes to covid,” explained Nick Arnoldy, President and CEO at Marshfield Insurance. “This is because of COVID-19 Civil Liability Exemption for Employers and insurers are issuing Communicable Disease Exclusions on virtually every class of business.”

Arnoldy added that insurers are not providing defense for COVID-19 lawsuits (as protection is provided by Civil Liability Exemption) and therefore there is no reason to underwrite the usage or non-usage of masks.

“There had been some miscommunication about how, for example, a district’s general liability insurance could be non-renewed if masks were not mandated,” said Arnoldy. “This is inaccurate. No business or entity needs to require masks related to insurance reasons, though of course they may choose to for other reasons.”

Anyone with insurance questions related to masking or covid is encouraged to contact the Marshfield Insurance team!

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