General Description: A Producer manages, serves and advises clients regarding insurance offerings. The Producer sells new accounts and renews existing accounts in alignment with agency and individual goals, while building relationships with clients.

Duties/responsibilities include:

  • Identify and solicit sales prospects from various sources provided by agency, cold calls, mailings and phone calls.
  • Solicit referrals from existing agency accounts.
  • Develops information and recommendations for prospective accounts, presents sales proposals, and adheres to agency policies and procedures for writing a new account.
  • Assist in resolving any situations for accounts produced.
  • Document prospect/client interactions (phone calls, emails, in person visits) within the management system using activities with appropriate codes.
  • Attach documents, etc. to the management system.
  • Update opportunities and/or activities in a timely manner.
  • Participate in weekly meetings with the Customer Service Agents. Ongoing communication with the CSA’s for new business, renewals, and client concerns.
  • Encourage and support a positive relationship between clients and servicing personnel.
  • Coordinate and present timely presentations for both new and renewal business.
  • Assist in marketing accounts where appropriate due to relationships or product expertise.
  • Coordinate with Customer Service Agent for service of existing accounts.
  • Achieve a balance in production to meet agency goals.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of client information in the system.
  • Maintain necessary licenses and continuing education required for license renewal.
  • Attend classes, seminars, and courses to increase knowledge and skill.



New Business:

Expected to meet the monthly new business through a variety of sources: cold calls, referrals, niche marketing, etc.  Must acquire all necessary information for a quality new business submission, using the Fact-Finding sheets

  • Enough information to complete application, loss runs or letter, questionnaires, photos, diagrams, grading of risk, etc.
  • Be available for communication with new business department, underwriter, loss control, etc.
  • Present the proposal in a professional manner.
  • Make the sale and pick-up necessary deposit and arrange for binders, certificates, etc.
  • Arrange for delivery of the policy when received from company.



  • Cooperate in obtaining updates for shopping the account
  • Assist in submissions (letters, calls, etc.)
  • Presentation of renewal if necessary, in a professional manner.
  • Collect any monies, as required.
  • Arrange for delivery of policy when received from company.



  • Maintain knowledge of underwriting criteria for carriers represented by agency.
  • Select markets and coordinate with service assistant in submission of risk to various markets.
  • Maintain a working relationship with underwriters enabling producer to negotiate as required for placement of risks.
  • Producers are expected to arrange for payment of premium in a competent manner utilizing company financing, outside financing, installments, etc.
  • Producers will assist in collecting earned premiums, audit premiums, etc. when called upon.  Any uncollected premiums are the responsibility of the producer.


Image and Behavior:

  • Producers are to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times both inside as well as outside the office. The agency wants a teamwork atmosphere inside the office with everyone treated with respect.
  • Dress or attire should be fitting that of an insurance professional with flexibility given for type of appointments.
  • Ensure Outlook calendar is up to date. (The Agency looks professional knowing where you are and in case of an emergency, we can contact you.)


Work Status: Full time

Reporting: CEO