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When faced with the dilemma of transporting oversized items that won’t fit in your vehicle’s trunk, simply strapping them to the roof may not be the best plan.
Secure the Load
Safety extends beyond the confines of your vehicle, and it’s crucial for drivers to help ensure the safe transport of cargo by doing the following:

– Use sturdy rope, netting or straps to securely fasten cargo to your vehicle.

– Cover the entire load with a durable tarp if necessary.

– Avoid overloading a trailer or vehicle.

-Inspect the load to confirm that it is securely fastened.

-Periodically check the load when en route to your destination.

Safety Regulations
Most states have unsecured-load regulations designed to help protect other drivers and pedestrians. Drivers bear the responsibility for safe operation of their vehicles, including the transport of secured loads.
Prioritizing the safe and secure transport of your cargo is crucial to safe driving and could help you avoid accidents and liability claims.
Stay Safe With Proper Tire Care
Before you embark on a summer road trip adventure, make sure your tires are in good condition.
Regular tire maintenance should include the following:

-Check tire pressure when refilling your gas tank.

-Rotate and balance tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

-Have your car’s alignment checked during routine service appointments.

-Check your tires for wear and replace as necessary.

Avoid Tire-related Accidents This Summer
Poor tire maintenance can lead to a flat tire, blowout or the tread coming off your tire.
Tire-related crashes can threaten your fun this summer, so take some time to ensure they are in optimal condition.
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