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5 Ransomware Threats to Know

These days, cybercriminals are organized and well-funded. Unlike a lone threat actor, ransomware groups will reinvest a portion of their profits into hiring and training talented cybercriminals, making them more dangerous to organizations. As ransomware tactics evolve, it’s important...

Double Extortion Ransomware Events Jump 935%

Double extortion ransomware attacks follow a similar protocol to that of a typical ransomware attack. But, they come with an extra threat: The victim must pay a ransom not only to regain access to their technology and data but...

Ransomware Attacks Reach All-Time High

Ransomware Attacks Reach All-time High in Q4 2020: Spotlight Ransomware attacks spiked in 2020 as the fear and chaos of COVID-19, combined with the transition to remote work, provided an abundance of opportunities for cybercriminals. Advisen data shows ransomware...

Staying Safe from Double Extortion Ransomware Attacks

How to Protect From Ransomware Attacks In recent years, ransomware attacks have steadily been on the rise. These incidents—which entail cybercriminals compromising a device or server and demanding a large payment be made before restoring the technology (as well...