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If your garage burns down – is your car covered? What if your car is parked in someone else’s garage? This Frequently Asked Question is covered in today’s blog post: “Most home insurance policies expressly exclude motorized vehicles from their contents coverage,” explained Laura Copet, Personal Service Agent. “Coverage for damage to your car, in the case of a fire, would need to be handled by your auto insurance and would require that you have comprehensive coverage on that vehicle.” For those without comprehensive coverage on the vehicle, they will most likely have to pay for the damages to the vehicle. “Since your auto insurance follows the vehicle it covers, this would ring true even if your vehicle was in someone else’s garage,” said Copet. Sometimes, if someone has their auto and home insurance with the same carrier, they would only apply the highest deductible (either home or auto) because all of the damages stemmed from one event. “So, instead of paying a $1500 deductible for your home and a $500 deductible for your auto, you would only pay the $1,500 home deductible for damages to your home and auto,” said Copet. Marshfield Insurance can help address any of your insurance questions! Call them at 715-387-4443
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