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What to Know About Insurance Before You Buy a House

The main components of a home policy are the Dwelling, Separate Structures, Personal Property, Loss of Use, Personal Liability, and Medical. You can add riders and coverage for just about anything related to your home and/or its contents. Before buying a home, it’s important to find an agent that you like and trust. Once you have that, the next step is to contact that agent for a home insurance quote. “Their agent will ask them specifics on the house, their closing date, and who they are working with for a lender and/or realtor,” said Laura Copet, personal service agent. “The best-case scenario is to sit down with your agent before you even begin house hunting.” The insurance professional will be able to guide you through the home buying process from the insurance perspective and will also be able to share information that insurance carriers do and don’t like to see. “Things like the animals they have, trampolines, pools, and the location and condition of the house can play a huge part in what carriers will and will not insure,” explained Copet. “If they have this conversation with their agent before they even start looking at potential homes, they can often spot things when house hunting that they never would have known to look for.” Marshfield Insurance Agency has a team of licensed Insurance Professionals that are more than happy to make the home buying process as smooth as possible. We write policies with a wide range of carriers so we can make sure that our clients have the coverage they need at the best possible price.

You Need Home Insurance

“Home Insurance isn’t a luxury; it’s a must have,” said Copet. “Not only will it protect the home owner, just about all banks and lending companies will require the borrower to have home insurance prior to closing. When deciding how much house you can afford make sure that you remember to figure in the cost to insure that home as well.” To learn more, contact Marshfield Insurance at 715-387-4443 !
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