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Marshfield Insurance’s main offices, located at 208 W 5th Street, might appear to the average visitor to be just another office building. However, within the walls are a lot of memories, coincidences, and history. “Recent conversations informed us that this building has more history than we even knew!” said Nick Arnoldy, CEO. “There’s been a number of coincidences that have happened in our building since we moved here in 2006 that almost make it feel like our eventual occupancy was in the cards.” The most obvious connection is to Arnoldy himself, as he works in the same office as his late father did before him. Roger Arnoldy co-founded Marshfield Insurance in 1984, and became sole owner in 1988. “It’s a constant reminder of dad’s expectations, which is motivating. Like a lot of heirs, positive reinforcement from your parents was always the most gratifying especially when they had high expectations,” said Arnoldy. “Granted, dad passed away in 2012 but I know he’s here is spirit and watching as we continue to progress.” “Also, I’m a believer of leaving things better than you found them, how that pertains to this office and the business means growth, continuing to build our reputation and putting my kids in a position to continue the business when or if they want to,” added Arnoldy. “The succeeding leadership in any business, especially family owned, needs to show their commitment and effort… being here reminds me of that.” Another coincidence has to do with the former residents of the building. Formerly the headquarters of Marshfield Savings Bank (which later became Forward Bank), Robert Lotzer served as President. Today, his son Pete works in the building as a Commercial Risk Agent. Recently, the staff was gathered in a basement conference room when Pete spotted a credenza that had been left there decades ago and realized it had belonged to his father. “It brought back a flood of memories,” he said. “I remember sitting in his office while he smoked his pipe and we had some cool conversations. He was one of the most honorable and kind men I have ever known. He was extremely passionate and loyal to the bank and was all about their customers and the service they provided to them.” Further extending the coincidences is the fact that Robert Lotzer hired Pete’s coworker, Carmella Moon. “I worked in this building from 1994 until 2004 when Marshfield Savings Bank was located here,” said Moon. “I then moved to their new building at 207 w 6th St until my departure in 2007, when I became employed at Marshfield Insurance. In a strange way, it was like coming home.” Moon was hired by Marshfield Savings Bank fresh out of college to learn and eventually take over the accounting duties and responsibilities. “I spent the majority of my time in the basement offices and once on a Friday evening, when we worked until 7:00 pm, I was accidentally locked inside!” she said. “I’ve joked that I have now graduated to the main floor. And, in the 26+ years of my career or work life, I’ve spent 23.5 of them in the same building.” Though it might just be an office building to outsiders, to the staff at Marshfield Insurance, the building holds special significance. “All of these coincidences can be chalked up to being in a small community but we feel at home here because of those things,” said Arnoldy. “Continuing the history of Marshfield and the good community members that came before us is a responsibility we’re privileged to have.”
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