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Coverage for mudslides are not usually covered under ones homeowner’s policy.  Why would something like this not be covered?  Insurance companies usually prohibit coverage for mud-related losses, primarily because policy income in a mud-heavy region would be greatly overshadowed by claim payouts.  An insurance company may not financially survive an area wide loss related to mud and the increase in premium to cover such losses would price the company out of the market or become unaffordable to most consumers. Mudslides or landslides are one of the handful of exclusions listed in a common home policy which also include earthquake, sinkholes & flood. It is important to note the difference between mudslide and mudflow.  A mudslide is a movement of earth or rock that travels downhill (also referred to as earth movement in some policies), while a mudflow is a runny, watery stream of mud.  According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a mudflow is a runny, watery stream of mud, while a mudslide is a downhill movement of water-saturated earth or rock.  A separate FEMA Flood Policy will cover mudflow but not a mudslide, sometimes it can be complicated to determine the difference between the two. Fortunately, there are insurance products available that cover mudslide / earth movement.  Some insurers will add coverage for earthquake, mudslide and/or earth movement with an additional endorsement.  Separate earthquake or earth movement policies can also be purchased.  Talk to our agents today for a free quote on this coverage (715-387-4443).
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