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Will you or your business be covered when it comes to social media slander? There is so much social media that we interact with on a daily basis. People may find it easy to express their personal thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just to name a few. What happens when your teen posts something they wish they didn’t. Or a business is dealing with, Libel, Slander, Copyright or Brand Infringement and Privacy Invasion. Let’s talk about issues on the personal side of social media. Do I need to be concerned about what my teen is posting on Social Media?! Can I be sued by an online post?  The answer is Yes, explains, Angel Denk, CISR Personal Service Manager. “One simple mistake and you could be sued for violating someone’s privacy.” How can I protect myself from a situation like this? What is Personal Injury coverage on my homeowner’s policy? Personal injury is not bodily injury; it is a liability coverage for injuries such as slander, libel, humiliation, oral or written material that violates one’s privacy, wrongful eviction. Contact your agent today at Marshfield Insurance to make sure that you have the Personal Injury endorsement on your homeowner’s policy. How are businesses covered when it comes to social media personal injury/slander?” Businesses should have a General Liability policy in place which provides coverage for Personal & Advertising Injury Liability, says Kathy Leader, CISR Commercial Service Agent.” Libel, Slander, Copyright or Brand Infringement and Privacy Invasion are typically covered offenses under the Personal & Advertising Injury.  Personal & Advertising Injury covers these offenses in connection with the insured’s advertising of its goods or services and also provides defense cost coverage against these suits. Are there exclusions policyholders should be aware of? Under the Personal & Advertising Injury there is no coverage if the insureds knows that the act would violate the rights of another/intended result. In other words, you knowingly publish information, oral or written, that is not true.  Copyright or Brand Infringement is another common exclusion.  If you host, own or control an electronic chatroom or Bulletin Board online, use of someone’s email address or domain without authorization, there are no normally coverage restrictions under the Personal & Advertising Injury Liability. These are just some of the areas that can be absent from coverage. Call Marshfield Insurance for more information!
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