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The grain-handling industry is highly hazardous. Workers can be exposed to serious and sometimes life-threatening hazards, including fires and explosions from grain dust accumulation; suffocation from engulfment and entrapment in grain bins; falls from heights; and crushing injuries and amputations from grain-handling equipment. Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week is a free event that focuses on the importance of addressing these hazards.  Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week, which takes place March 27-31, 2023, is an annual outreach effort hosted by the Alliance Program (the program), an OSHA cooperative program. As part of its mission, the Alliance Program raises awareness about grain storage and handling hazards, and it provides education and training resources on best safety practices. This program fosters cooperation and communication between the regulatory agency and the grain industry. This year’s Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week will feature virtual demonstrations, success stories, idea sessions and stand-up resources that give participants an opportunity to further their commitment to safety. It will highlight topics like powered industrial trucks, preventive maintenance, heat stress, extreme weather and anhydrous ammonia and fumigation.  During Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week, companies are encouraged to hold a stand-up on a prevention measure that addresses grain-handling hazards. Stand-ups are a time for companies to talk about hazards, prevention and protection, safety policies and goals. Workers can also use this time to share risks they see on the job. National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) has numerous tools to use for these stand-ups, including videos, safety tip sheets, interactive courses, guidance documents and best practice sheets. These materials can be found here In past years, Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week participants included those in grain handling, grain processing, feed manufacturing and agronomy facilities. This year’s event continues to grow as organizations combine their talents, resources and knowledge to create more training and educational offerings, expand partnerships with other industry organizations and reach across the entire grain industry spectrum. How to Get Involved Companies that want to prevent workplace hazards and provide a safe work environment should participate in Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week. They are encouraged to be creative and make events informal and collaborative.  To register or for more information, click here. For frequently asked questions about Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week, click here.
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