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When winter arrives and brings snowy conditions with it, you will need to routinely clear your driveway and any other areas surrounding your home of snowfall. That’s where equipment such as a snow blower or snow plow can help. However, while using such equipment allows you to clear snow in a timely manner, there are also numerous safety risks to keep in mind. That being said, be sure to implement the following precuations to properly protect yourself when using a snow blower or snow blow this winter. Before You Begin
  • Read the operator’s manual that came with your equipment before the start of each winter.
  • Look for items hidden in the snow that you would not want to hit or run over.
  • Make sure other family members, especially children, are clear of the area before you begin.
When Using a Snow Blower
  • Be aware of where you are aiming the shoot.
  • Never blow snow toward people or cars.
  • Do not override automatic shutoff features.
  • Operate the blower at a speed no faster than a walk.
  • Never reach into the blower shoot with your hands for any reason, even if the machine is off.
When Using a Snow Plow
  • When beginning a pass, always start moving and then drop the plow blade.
  • Begin to stop as you approach the end of your pass.
  • Raise the plow blade before moving into position to make another pass.
  • Always turn around and look while driving in reverse.
Dress Appropriately Dressing properly not only keeps you warm, it also keeps you safe. Wear boots that will give you adequate traction while walking behind your snow blower and gloves that allow you to firmly grip the controls. Also, avoid long scarves that could become stuck in moving parts. Even if you’re in a plow, it’s good to be dressed for those times when you need to leave the warmth of the driver’s seat. For more home safety guidance and homeowners insurance solutions, contact us today. This flyer is for informational purposes only and is not intended as professional advice. © 2011, 2016, 2020 Zywave, Inc. All rights reserved.
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