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Water Sewer Backup Coverage 2020

Background on Water Sewer Backup

With record snowfalls in the area this February, homeowners should review their insurance policies to make sure they have water/sewer backup coverage before all the snow melts and results in potential property damage. Water/Sewer Backup coverage is coverage for property damaged due to water that enters from plumbing through drains or sewer or overflow of a sump pump. It can be used to pay for the water damages caused by the failure of a sump pump, toilet, or a drain system (up to policy limits). Angel Denk, CISR, Personal Service Manager for Marshfield Insurance, encourages adding water/sewer backup coverage as soon as possible, as there is typically a 30 day hold to add this valuable coverage. “Believe it or not, sewer backup is one of the most common claims for a homeowner,” she said. “No matter where you live you should have at least $10,000 in Water/Sewer backup even if you do not have a finished basement.” Many people think water/sewer backup coverage is only for sump pumps that fail, but it is actually for any type of drains and sewer-related issues. “No matter if you live up on a hill, or don’t have a basement, Water Backup can happen to anyone,” said Denk. “Our agents will have the proper conversation with you to make sure that your Water/Sewer backup limit is adequate for your situation. This coverage is not typically included on a homeowner’s policy, it may have a small limit that is included, like $5,000, but not always.” A few things to note:
    • Water/Sewer Backup does not pay for a new sump pump, toilet, or drains, however it pays for the damages done from the overflow (up to the limit listed on your policy and subject to your homeowner’s deductible.)
    • Water/Sewer backup is not flood insurance.
Here are a few tips to avoid Water backup claims:
    • Buy a battery backup sump pump
    • Do not pour oil or grease down your drains
    • Have a professional check your sump pump regularly
    • Replace your line with plastic pipe to prevent tree roots from entering
All of that February snow is going to melt – add water/sewer backup coverage today! Call an agent at 715-387-4443.
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