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What insurance should Santa consider?:

Nick Arnoldy, Owner/Broker: Well, I recently had a conversation with Kris Kringle and we reviewed his exposures and protection options! First, we’re going to need liability on that sled and not just any liability policy, an aviation policy similar to drones and planes because his roadway is the sky! Cargo coverage is going to be very important, if Santa is in an accident we want to make sure we can replace those toys and fast! Just like our farmers cover cattle, we’ll want to cover the reindeer with an animal mortality policy so we can acquire a replacement for Blitzen should he suffer an injury and can’t work on the big night. Speaking of work, our elves are busy in the shop building toys and anytime you’re using tools you’re susceptible to injury so we’ll want to carry worker’s compensation for the elves if they need medical attention. Santa should also consider being included in the worker’s compensation policy or a similar health & disability policy with all the flying, running from house to house and squeezing down chimneys he does. Being in a rush could cause Santa to unintentionally bump, knock over or damage a homeowner’s property so a general liability policy is a good idea, this would provide property damage and bodily injury coverage when he’s not flying. We need to make sure that same general liability policy is endorsed for products liability if a broken toy causes injuries on Christmas morning Santa could be liable! With most of these coverages we’ll also need to make sure the coverage territory is global, most polices have a coverage territory of the United States including its territories and possessions, Canada & Puerto Rico only (with some additional provisions). Lastly, property insurance on his house and shop in the North Pole. These should protect his main areas of concern and relieve him of the stress should something happen. Why would Santa choose Marshfield Insurance for his protection?: Nick: We do work with international clients and clients that travel abroad frequently and we have insurance products for global exposures, it’s definitely something we’re comfortable doing. Plus, all of our agents are on the nice list! Is there anything else you’d like to add?: Even Santa needs the help of a good agent! We’re here to help make sure Christmas is a success! Contact Marshfield Insurance today!
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