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Underground Lateral Service Line Coverage… sounds complicated, but it’s a pretty straightforward (and important) product to consider! Brian Varsho explains: What is Underground Lateral Service Line Coverage?: Lateral Service Line coverage is coverage that will include repairs, excavation, and restoration cost in the event of a direct physical loss to exterior underground service and utility lines on the home owners property.  Lateral lines include Water & Sewer Pipes, Communications wiring, such as cable and internet, electrical power wiring, natural gas pipes, drainage pipes. When would it be important to have this?: Due to the amount of lines that are buried underground claims can be costly to replace or repair underground property, this would be a great addition to any home owner policy.  For example:
  1. A tree root grew through a sewer pipe located on your property causing it to leak. The sewer line was 300 feet long and required a backhoe to dig up the damaged piping and replace it. The cost to replace the sewer line was $3,500 and the excavation cost totaled $8,100. Total Amount of Loss: $11,600
  2. An underground power line providing electrical service to the home significantly deteriorated over time and resulted in arcing, which interrupted electrical service to the home. The underground power line had to be excavated and replaced due to extensive damage discovered during the repair work. The cost to replace the power line was $2,500. The excavation costs totaled $5,300. Total Amount of Loss: $7,800
Who should have it?: I would think that everyone should have this coverage if their insurance carrier offers it.  It’s a relatively new endorsement so odds are it’s not currently included in most policies, if you can add this coverage it’s worth consideration. Why should they have it?: The cost of repairing or replacing these underground lines can be very costly. With property located underground it’s incredibly difficult to know if you have an approaching issue.  This endorsement can take the stress and guess work out of the equation. How can Marshfield Insurance help with this?: Marshfield Insurance has several companies that offer this coverage.  Not all companies in the state of WI offer this coverage and it is an extra endorsement to add onto your normal homeowners policy. Is there anything else the public should know about this?: Home owners should contact their current insurance company and see if this coverage is available or give me a call at Marshfield Ins and we can get you a quote that includes this protection!

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